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With the developments and advancements made to the Android operating system, Android tablets have become a great way to surf the internet and watch videos online. These tablets have become much portable, lightweight, and offer big touch screen displays that makes viewing a real pleasure. These tablets help you save a lot of space and time, as they have only those components that are needed for media use.

These tablets are powered by Android operating system from Google, which has overtaken Apple’s iOS as the most popular operating system for portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. The OS is much similar to the Windows OS, as the home page of the operating system is like a Windows Desktop that is full of shortcuts. Some of the important advantages of choosing Android tablets are as follows.

  • The operating system is open source, meaning that it is offered free and anyone can get the program code from Google to manipulate it to customize the OS for their device or use. This means that the users will not have to pay for an expensive operating system, but still they will get a top-notch operating system.
  • Users can get the power of Google, that is, Android OS from Google offers apps for almost all of the Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Voice, and many more.
  • Offers great hardware choices to the users, as the Android operating system is free and can be used free by any manufacturer. This means that Android fans can have a huge choice of tablets to meet their specific needs.
  • Android tablets are a huge leap in functionality, as they integrate numerous functionalities into a single device. The days of old fashioned DVD players and MP3 players, where you can do only one thing, are long gone. Android tablets are powerful portable computers that allow users to do numerous things at the same time. Multi-tasking is not at all a problem with Android tablets.

These are some of the key advantages of choosing Android tablets. In short, when you buy an Android tablet, you are getting top quality OS free, together with an unending choice of cool apps.

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