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cheap android tablets

Android tablets have revolutionized the technological world. Without doubt, iPad set the bar for tablets. However, you can choose the best cheap android tablet for everyday use if you know how to pick the right device. Moreover, the popularity and demand for Android tablets have bypassed the iPad. Tablets of different companies are launching tablets every day.  

Replaceable Batteries

iPad has fixed batteries so you cannot replace it. You have to buy a new device if something goes wrong with the battery. On the other, android tablets allow users to replace the batteries. iPad penalizes the users even the iPad is under warranty. That is why experts always prefer Android tablets so they may not end up in any kind of panic situation in this regard.

Syncing iPad, iPod, iPhone

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It is a royal pain to synchronize the above-mentioned with iTunes. Use the computer to transfer data to the iPad. It takes a lot of time and energy. You should know about the application to avoid the inconvenience. Users of android tablet do not confront such problems as they have the option to download apps, use and delete them without synchronizing.


Missing a Camera – Huge Mistake of Apple

Apple has committed a massive mistake by not adding a camera on an iPad. Nowadays, the camera in a mobile phone or tablet has become a basic need. iPad does not have an outward facing camera. The deficiency of this camera makes the device an outdated commodity.

On the other hand, the best cheap android tablet is available with two cameras. That is why; android tablet has won the race. The user can use the forward facing camera for video chatting and outward for capturing pictures. You can use Google’s native camera app on the tablet for editing the image.

A trap of Apple Ecosystem

iPad comes with the complete Apple ecosystem. Purchasing Apple products becomes a necessary evil for iPad users. You have to buy the iTunes and the App Store to get applications run. The usage of iTunes is very frustrating for many users of the iPad.

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Android tablets allow users to enjoy the freedom. They do not confront the harsh terms and conditions to use specific applications. That is why the demand for the best cheap android tablet is gaining momentum on the market.


Price of the tablet creates a noticeable line of difference from the iPad. The best cheap android tablet is not an expensive device to buy. On the contrary, it is difficult for the everyday user to purchase the iPad due to the expensiveness of the gadget.

Screen Size of the Device


The Apple iPad is available in limited edition if you take into deliberation its screen size. Unlike the iPad, the Android tablet is available in different sizes. The user can choose the size that appeals and fulfills his or her needs.

Dual-Core Processors and Multitasking Panel

best cheap android tabletsIPad lacks the dual-core processor so the device cannot perform the multiple tasks. Its battery life is also weak when you compare with android tablets. Android 3.0’s performs different tasks within a flash.

Budget-busting price, Apple ecosystem, freedom to use the android tablet, and fixed battery obscure the standard of iPad. Android tablet is offering all desired features. That is why people love the usage of Android devices. Consult with friends, and study reviews to choose the best cheap android tablet.  


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