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Video Player Apps For Android 

Tablets are perfect for watching HD videos and movies with their lavish screen size. However, the inbuilt video player in an Android tablet might be inappropriate to play videos smoothly, and might not offer any additional features. Due to this, it is necessary that you use any of the video player apps from the Play Store.

Video player apps come with many features and support a wide range of formats, enabling you to play any kind of videos on your tablet effortlessly. Moreover, as video streaming is used extensively these days, it is necessary that you use the right video streaming apps on your tablet. This allows you to play even HD videos on your tablet smoothly without any glitches.

Below is a list of the five must-needed video player apps that you can use for your Android tablet. The following video player apps are available for free on the Play Store, but you can have the paid versions for some of these too.


VLC has earned the reputation as the most reliable video players on both PCs and mobile devices. Installing VLC media player is necessary especially if you want to play video of virtually any format. Its wide support of numerous video formats is one key reason for its popularity. Besides that, VLC also has other features like URL streaming, built-in codecs, subtitle support, multi-track audio, full media support, and many others.

MX Player

Another popular video player for your Android tablet is MX Player. It is one of the most downloaded video players in the Play Store and offers support for a wide range of video formats. MX Player has some unique features unlike many other video player apps such as hardware decoding, hardware accelerated playback, advanced gesture controls, child lock, and the ability to add extra plugins.


MoboPlayer is yet another video player app that is known for its reliability. It is one of the oldest video player apps still available in the Play Store. MoboPlayer supports several video formats and has several features like continuous playback, playlists, subtitle support, video streaming via HTTP and RTSP protocols, etc. In addition, MoboPlayer also offers support to add extra plugins to increase its functionality.


If you are using your tablet not only for watching videos but also to cast them to your TV or other devices, then AllCast is the app that you must look for. Using this app, you can send the content stored in your tablet to Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, as well as several other DLNA devices. Besides, AllCast is also a solid video player app that offers support to every kind of media.


Another top video player that you can download into your tablet is BSPlayer. It consists of several advanced features like hardware accelerated playback, streaming support from DLNA devices, multi-core hardware decoding, etc. Moreover, BSPlayer can also play files from compressed formats and has subtitle support that allows you to play any kind of videos on your tablet.

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