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Are you fond of reading? You can download a special book reading app on your 14 inch tablet android. Yes, there are several apps that provide you good service to read books of your own choice. It is great to read E-books online with the help of these apps. The application is helpful for traveling. You will love using these apps because of the high-quality services. If you are a student, then these apps will be incredibly helpful in your school experience. The reading application makes your work simple and easy. Some of the best reading apps to make your reading a breeze are listed below.

1. AmazonKindle

It is easy to download on your 14 inch tablet androidbecause it is a very user friendly application. This is the right way to read several books at the same time. It is up to you which type of books you like to read, and this app has them all. This application allows you to read and buy the books that you want to get. It is great for all devices and Android versions. 

14 inch tablet android

2. Nook

If you are using your 14 inch tablet androidfor reading, then it is a great idea because you will get a good display with a widescreen. It is the best application to read books online. This application allows you to get the books by Barnes and Noble. With an interactive interface, this app is ideal for the majority of book readers. It allows you to adjust the color and size of the font. Not only this, you can check the meanings of the words while you are reading. This is especially helpful to younger children looking to expand their vocabulary.

3. Google Play Books

Google play books provides a great alternative to the big-name reading apps. Their easy to use interface and wide selection make finding your favorite novels a breeze. Couple that with the backing of Google themselves, and you can be sure that this app will be a great one.

4. WattPad

Clients can search for the books they are looking for by name or writer. Wattpad is well known for its open-source style of publishing, allowing users to publish their own literature pieces. This makes it an especially useful app, undoubtedly if you are looking to read anything written well, not necessarily from a well known writer.

5. GoodReads

Get access to play trivia and quotes with the help of this application. It is a user’s friendly app that offers very easy operation and interactive interface.

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