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For entertainment on tablets,you will need some free gaming apps. These apps allow you to increase your cognitive abilities and mental skills. To play mobile games, tablets are great devices. With their large screen, you can enjoy better graphics. Players can get the advantage of better controls on a big screen. Here are some best tablet games you must play for entertainment and mental benefits.

1. Alto’s Odyssey

This game is free to play for android users. It is the best runner game with beautiful graphics, easy mechanics and gameplay and great features. Players have to collect coin while unlocking other stuff in the store.

The game features 180 goals to finish and numerous levels to play. Get the advantage of extra, such as weather and dynamic lighting. Feel free to play it in a landscape mode for the better orientation. 

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2.     Beamdog Games

You will find six games in $9.99 each. Beamdog developer specializes in old PC games to android. It has five titles, such as Planescape, Seige of Gragonspear, Neverwinter Nights, ICewind Dale, Baldur’s Gate I and II and Torment EE. 

These games have the same mechanics and bad guys, loot, long stories and dungeons. The user interface is cramped on tabletsIn-app purchases are available for customizations and voice packs.

3. Crashlands

Crashlands has lots of adventures and other elements. You can increase the level of your character, such as RPG, build and craft things, bad guys for combat and numerous other things. You can buy this game in $4.99.

This game involves a storyline, such as a bad guy is trying to destroy this world. It has an intergalactic truck for lots of fun. Players can get advantage of cross-platform support and cloud saving. It is one of the best tablet games.

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4. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

With famous defense titles, you can enjoy this latest game. Kingdom Rush Vengeance is similar to a classic defense game. You have to build towers and send out your heroes to defeat all bad buys. They must not reach at the end of each level. 

You can get the advantage of numerous heroes, towers and levels to play along with multiple upgrades. The user interface is excellent on tablets and phone. The bad guys will increase clutter on the phone. Make sure to enjoy a great experience on the tablet. You will enjoy the best features of this game on a tablet.

Minecraft is another game to play on tablets. You can download its PC and Xbox One versions. There are numerous levels, such as build, craft and explore. Feel free to download other action and strategy games in the Google Play Store. 

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