You can take advantage of several suites and apps to handle your tasks. Remember, a tablet is incomplete without MS Office. It is a productivity suite for presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Sometimes, companies find it challenging to deal with Microsoft office because of their price and other limitations. To save money and break the monopoly of the MS office suite, some alternatives are available in the market. 

Before choosing an alternative for Microsoft Office Suite, you have to consider its limitations and benefits. Here are some great options to boost your productivity.tablet with MS Office

Free Online version of Microsoft Office

A free limited, online version of Microsoft is available for your tabletIt is a great suite to work on PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. If you don’t want to pay for a full version, consider this exclusive suite. This free version is not available with the features of 365 Office Suite. 

You can access lots of features in the application. Feel free to create a live account to boost your productivity. After creating an account, visit the online program that you want to use. After logging in, you can do your work through a website. It is possible to access these documents from anywhere. In this situation, you must not worry about losing a document because of a crash.

Applications of Google

Google applications can be good for users looking for convenience and online Access. You can access spreadsheets, presentation programs, and word processing programs. Google sheets, slides, and docs are free applications for personal use. For your business, you have to pay a small fee. 

You will need a Gmail account to use online programs. The free online edition is accessible with a user-friendly version. Get the advantage of great features, such as share documents with other people via Gmail. It is possible to open a Google doc in word documents. Moreover, open Google sheets in Excel files and PowerPoint are suitable to open slides. With these features, this application can be an attractive alternative. 

Apache OpenOffice

The popular features of Apache OpenOffice make it an excellent alternative for your tablet.You can access the spreadsheet, presentation programs, and word processing. Get the advantage of a database program, such as Access. Unlike free programs, you have to download this suite and install it on your computer. Regular backups will help you to protect your relevant documents.

In the presence of this program, there is no need to spend money on expensive programs. Feel free to buy a limited version of this program. Remember, a free version will give you access to a limited version. Spreadsheets, presentation programs, and word processing programs are available for users. OpenOffice may help you to share files with other people.


 Apache will be an excellent way to save time and money. Get the advantage of free versions and keep the right amount of money.

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