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Most of us usually use an iPad tablet alongside an iPhone for entertainment purposes and for the purpose of basic communication with our friends and loved ones. If you love using a few devices featuring iOS 9, the below-compiled tricks will help you to communicate in the best way possible.

Setting Individual Digital Sign for Each Email Account

You will be glad to know how to edit the default signature on iOS for each of your email accounts. In fact, the sign field will be shown as Sent from my iPhone or Sent from my iPad on either of the iOS devices. Navigate to Settings > Mail and tap on Contacts. Now open Calendars > Signatures, and then choose Per Account.

This will enable individual sign field for each email accounts you may configure on iOS. You can either enter or copy-paste your preferred digital sign and the iOS Mail app will automatically append the same to each outgoing emails.

Configuring Very Important Mails on iOS

The iOS 9’s VIP mailbox gathers messages from very important people. When configuring the VIPs in the mailbox, you can designate your spouse, boss, colleagues, friends, or even your financial advisor. This will help you to ensure that you stay in touch with the people important to you, besides helping to make your mailbox organized.

To designate someone as a VIP on iOS Mail, tap on the ‘i’ icon at the right edge of the mailbox containing all emails, then tap on Add VIP, and choose the person important to you in your contact list. Alternatively, you can open an email from the person, tap on their email ID, and then tap Add to VIP to designate.

Flagging the Messages on iOS Mail

When you view the mailbox on iOS devices, tap on the little flag icon in the top and select the Flag button. The flagged mailbox displays the flagged messages only – those you mark with the dedicated Flag button. The iOS 9 offers both VIP and Flagged Mailboxes, which filter important messages across the inboxes and present them in one convenient list.

Flagging the mails on a refurbished iPad featuring iOS 9 will make it easy to see the most important messages without having to scroll through other messages in the inboxes.

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