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Nowadays, photography is progressively about editing and including advanced effects than the actual taking of the photograph.

Is it possible to run a Photoshop or Adobe’s other bundle, Lightroom, on a tablet? The true response is both yes and no. I mean, depending upon your tablet whether you have a good tablet or cheap tablet pc.  

You can have a low version of Photoshop, also known as Photoshop Express, which can not only get used on mobile phones, but most of the tablets support that application too. On the other side, Lightroom at present keeps running on all tablets. 

What should picture takers search for in a tablet? 

The most important factor here is the resolution of the screen which enables an individual to utilize tablet for some good editing. Remember that on any screen pixel density is very crucial, It’s directly proportional with the clarity of a picture- means the higher the pixel density, the clearer the picture. It’s difficult to get such clarity of display on cheap tablet pc.

You must also realize that a tablet with a good battery life will give you a better chance to use applications like Lightroom and Photoshop. Both applications take time before producing a jaw-dropping output. 

In the end, consider the type of OS you’re comfortable with, or you have been using earlier. iOS has more applications for tablet and offer a smooth user experience than android. So, If you’re considering to buy a tablet perfect for your drawing and editing activities, then iOS can prove to be a better choice.

We have been reading several reviews and testing top-notch tablets to share the best ones with you. Below are the top 3 tablets who are beast in terms of portability and photo editing.

cheap tablet pc

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 

We have used the term “Best,” but we haven’t said that they are going to be “cheap tablet pc.” Alright?

This tablet is never going to win any prize for the best affordable tablet, but it provides it’s users an amazing PC experience- that too a good one. 

Surface Pro 6 is greater than the normal tablet; however, it as light as an iPad, for example. It includes a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A port that you can use to associate a card reader or camera. It works on Windows 10 which takes the experience game to another level. 

iPad Pro 

This most recent iPad Pro features the best screen ever on a tablet, at least according to Apple. The new A12X Bionic chip with the 64-bit design is incredible to the point that Adobe intends to launch a full form of Photoshop CC for iOS in 2019. 

The iPad Pro has every one of the features that you have to work in either Photoshop or Lightroom, and numerous other Pro applications as well. The Apple Pencil, enables you to work with more accurateness as it’s not a cheap tablet pc. The 12MP back camera additionally makes it a nice tablet for clicking photographs in a hurry, if rather bulky. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 

Samsung can’t stay away from the game of the best tablets in the world. Its new tablet S6 is the upgraded version of S4, but it needs time and some reviews.Again, it’s not a cheap tablet pc. Galaxy Tab S4 is an equally amazing tablet as it’s amazing in Photo editing and using lightroom.
So, I’ll prefer going for a Samsung device, if you’re low on budget.

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