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How to Clear the Cache of your iPad

The iPad is a very user-friendly device; however, it can be clogged up with unwanted cache files, which in turn make the device to perform sluggishly. Getting rid of the unwanted files will improve the performance of your iPad, especially...


Why can’t I Update my iPad?

Are you facing issues while trying to upgrade the OS your iPad to the latest version of iOS? Apple usually releases a new version of iOS every year. These released updates include latest features, bug fixes, and improved security. The...


5 Best Cleaner Apps for your Android Tablet

Daily usage can slow down your tablet and hinder it from performing at full capacity. This is because daily usage can cause the accumulation of many cached files in the memory, increased usage of RAM, and overloading of the processor....


5 Must-Needed Video Player Apps for your Android Tablet

Tablets are perfect for watching HD videos and movies with their lavish screen size. However, the inbuilt video player in an Android tablet might be inappropriate to play videos smoothly, and might not offer any additional features. Due to this,...


How to Configure an Early Morning Alarm on an iPad Tablet

Setting an early morning alarm will be needful for working people or students. Thankfully, iOS lets you configure an alarm without having to install a third-party application. Alarms can be set via the World Clock app on the iPad tablet,...


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