October 2017

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Useful Tricks Every iPad User Should Know

There are many useful features in the iPad that you might have got from a store that rent tablets. Many users don’t know about these features that can help using the device more interesting. Some of these useful tricks are discussed below in the post. Make Typing Comfortable by Switching to Keyboard to Thumb Mode There is a different keyboard in the iPad that will let you type with your thumbs, and to see this keyboard, you just need to swipe two fingers across the default keyboard of the device. An alternative way is to press and drag the Dock…

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Speeding up your Slow iPad

Statistics show that most of the smartphone users upgrade to a new device every eighteen months or so. However, the case with the higher priced devices like iPads is different. Many users tend to prefer the same iPad model for long owing to its quality. As iPads offer long years of service, most users do not feel the need to upgrade the device. However, as per wholesale iPad dealers, you might experience slowness while using the device with time. Dealers of wholesale tablets say that when you feel that your iPad is sluggish, you can do the things that are…